Soft PU Leather Phone Cover Case Anti-scratch Protector Guard with Kickstand and Pocket for iPhone X

  • $14.58


Our case offers comprehensive protection for your iPhone X. This protective case doubles the amount of protection to your iPhone X while also remaining extra slim. The soft frame provides a shock-absorbing. It is made of soft PU leather material which adds durability and significant resistance against bending, scratches, and more.


- Color: As Shown.
- Material: PU.
- Size: 14.5 x 7.5 cm.
- Offer maximum protection from bumps and hard-hits for the back and sides of your phone.
- Easy access to all buttons, camera, speaker and connector. Allows Charging without removing the case.
- The case fully covers the back of the phone and is easily installed and removed.
- Features waterproof, anti-scratch and shockproof, protect your cellphone well.